Another Benhamou…

Imagine my surprise when I received a Facebook message out of the clear blue from a woman named LaTrice Benachou. It seems that she was married to Remi Benachou, grandson of Maurice Benhamou, my father’s wartime friend. She was reading the book and wanted to reach out. It just so happened, that they would be coming to Phoenix the next day to visit friends. Were we available to get together on such short notice? Of course! Remi’s mother Nicole is the daughter I have yet to meet. When I connected with Giselaine and Norbert in 2010, Nicole was still living in Israel. She now lives in Paris, so I hope to meet her the next time we visit. Remi’s older sister also lives in Paris. So, my Benhamou “family” continues to grow, and Dad’s and my story marches on….

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