Outstanding Service Award

As I have been traveling around the Phoenix area to make presentations about Love, Bill, I am learning that there is much more to my journey than just selling books. In a week, I will have spoken to three Jewish War Veterans Groups. I never really thought of myself as the daughter of a veteran before, since it had been such a remote part of my experience. But now, I better understand the supreme sacrifice that all veterans make, and specifically, the sacrifice that Dad and other Jewish veterans made during  WWII. As Dad wrote: “When there is no war, killing is murder, but now it’s salvation. There are others who must be protected, and that is our only means to halt mass murder. For us who are Jewish, it is our only hope.” A few weeks ago, I was honored with an award from Jewish War Veterans Scottsdale Post 210 with a Certificate of Appreciation and Honorable Membership (name spelled incorrectly, but the sentiment stands). I think Daddy would be so proud!

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