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Published book shares the story of a daughter finding her father through the letters he sent to her mother during World War II

Jan Krulick-Belin releases ‘Love, Bill: Finding My Father through Letters from World War II’

PHOENIX – “It simply began as an exploration into learning more about the father I lost when I was only six years old. But his beautifully written love letters to my mother opened a door that had long been closed to me. As I got more involved in trying to track down my father’s wartime friend, a wish I unearthed in one of his letters, the journey’s amazing twists, turns, and coincidences fueled requests by friends and family to memorialize it in a book. I could not refuse. What began as a search for my father’s friend became the search for the father I needed to find,” Jan Krulick-Belin states.

Love, Bill: Finding My Father through Letters from World War II” (published by Archway Publishing) chronicles the true story of Krulick-Belin’s life-changing pilgrimage of the heart to find the father she thought she had lost forever. The letters lead her on an extraordinary journey following her father’s actual footsteps during the war years, leading to unexpected discoveries from Morocco to Paris to upstate New York. She learns about her parents’ great love story, about the war in North Africa, and about the fate of the Jews in Morocco, Germany, and France.

“This book is relatable to anyone who has lost a parent, especially a father; anyone who has known the sacrifice of serving overseas; anyone interested in World War II history; anyone interested in Morocco; in Jewish culture and history; in travel; or those just interested in a great love story,” Krulick-Belin says. When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she answers, “We have all experienced loss, grief, love, and the quest to understand one’s legacy. It is important to know who we are and where we came from. What did we ‘inherit’ from our family? Those stories are important. They make us who we are.”

Love, Bill: Finding My Father through Letters from World War II” stands as a testament to the power of determination, love, family, and the unbreakable bond between fathers and daughters. For more details about the book, please visit

Love, Bill: Finding My Father through Letters from World War II”
By Jan Krulick-Belin
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 566 pages | ISBN 9781480892897
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 566 pages | ISBN 9781480892903
E-Book | 566 pages | ISBN 9781480892910
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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2017 Top Female Author: Nonfiction


2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award
Best Cover Design: Nonfiction


2017 Readers” Favorite Award Contest
Finalist: Nonfiction – Memoir


2017 Readers” Favorite Five Star Award


2017 Arizona Literary Awards/Arizona Authors Association
Silver Medal: Nonfiction


Story Circle Network, Sarton Women’s Book Award
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Independent Author Network 2017 Book of the Year Awards
The Outstanding First Non-Fiction: Finalist

American Book Fest 2017 Best Book Awards
Best New Nonfiction: Finalist


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Memoir: Finalist

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